Pity the Fool! Get the mohawk Grenade!

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Pity the Fool! Get the mohawk Grenade!

Postby BigSnoOzE » 17 Nov 2009 06:50


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98uDkyzV ... r_embedded

Mohawk Grenade FAQ

Q. What is the Mohawk Grenade?

A. The Mohawk Grenade is Mr. T's latest invention: an in-game item that, when hurled at another character, gives everyone within the blast radius an instant T-riffic haircut. Don't worry, you and your friends will look gooooood.

Q. Where do I get it?

A. Quit your jibber-jabber and claim your Mohawk Grenades from any of the Night Elf Mohawk NPCs camped outside every starting zone.

Q. What regions are eligible to claim the Mohawk Grenade?

A. North America, Europe and Korea.

Q. Is this a permanent item?

A. Each Mohawk Grenade has five charges before exhausting its power, and you're welcome to claim another once the charges are gone.

Q. How long will the Mohawk Grenade be available in-game?

A. Claim Mohawk Grenades starting November 16th in North America and November 24th in Europe and Korea. They'll be available until... well, until the Night Elf Mohawk decides his work is done.

Q. Where can I see the Mr. T commercials?

A. The commercials will be airing on major TV networks throughout North America beginning on November 16th and in Europe starting on November 27th. You can also view the ads on the official World of Warcraft YouTube channel here.

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Re: Pity the Fool! Get the mohawk Grenade!

Postby Kuddel » 17 Nov 2009 10:42

HAHA! Geil!

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